The Archaeological Mission to Musawwarat

Musawwarat es-Sufra is one of the most important archaeological heritage sites in Sudan and a major testimony to one of its most important historic periods, i.e. the Meroitic era (300 BC to 350 AD). Situated in the magnificent setting of Wadi es-Sufra, about 25 km outside the Nile valley, it is a fascinating place to discover and visit.

Musawwarat was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list as part of the serial nomination ‘Island of Meroe’ in 2011. We invite you to explore the site and the research undertaken there by the Archeaological Mission to Musawwarat under the direction of Claudia Näser between 2005 and 2015.

Find out about a unique place and about how archaeologists engage with it, not only studying its remains, but also preserving and presenting them as an impressive testimony of Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

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Relief of the lion god Apedemak at the Lion Temple in Musawwarat (photo: Claudia Näser)